The 21st-century window has a lot more to offer homeowners. With a good window choice, we can now enjoy our home’s beautiful outdoor view from the confines of our living room. Likewise, thanks to a good window, the warm glow of the sun can magically illuminate our homes.

However, windows often take the hardest beat from nature’s harsh elements. This is why you should be meticulous when choosing new windows. So, are you ready to take on this adventurous feat? We have contacted experts from Ecoline Windows and Doors and together rounded up these ten tips for choosing new windows. Keep reading.

  • Consider the Purpose of Your Window

Windows were not only designed to serve as peepholes to the view outside our homes. There are many other essential functions of a window. This includes ventilating the home and providing natural sunlight. Likewise, some windows serve aesthetic purposes.

Thus, when choosing new windows, it is necessary to consider the purposes of the different windows in your home. Are the view and visual comfort in a room more important? Or maybe more daylight is needed?  An answer to this plays a great role in determining your window choice.

  • Compare the Qualities of Different Windows

Different windows have various unique features and qualities. So, when choosing a new one, always compare their different attributes. To effectively do so, consult with experts and ask such relevant questions as:

  • Is the window easy to maintain and clean?
  • Does it match your home decor?
  • Does it improve your home’s security?
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • What is its degree of soundproof and noise reduction?

Finding accurate answers to these questions will help you in making the right choice.

  • Choose Windows that Suit Your Home’s Architectural Style

With so many choices to make, finding the perfect window can be quite a task. But another great tip is to always choose windows that suit your building’s style. Whether your home is a contemporary or traditional building, certain window types are most suitable for them.

For instance, casement windows have been around for many centuries. Yet, they have remained versatile and are great for many traditional architectural designs. Likewise, heritage windows are a great match for modern buildings as well as old ones.

  • Consider the Direction of the Sun

When choosing new windows, bear in mind the direction of your window with regards to the sun’s rising and setting. This is because the positioning of your window matters. It can determine if you will get too much heat during summer or too much cold during winter.

Likewise, your windows can give you too much daylight or usher the rising sun prematurely into your room every morning. To avoid this, choose windows with low-E coatings. This is because they are designed to shelter furnishings from too much heat during summer.

  • Choose the Right Window Glazing

There are so many window glazing solutions. The perfect choice often depends on the location of your property and the area you want to insert the glass. Some glasses are efficient in holding in heat. While others are designed to reflect the sun or reduce your energy consumption.


For example, double-glazing windows tend to retain heat more efficiently. While triple-glazing windows are perfect for homes that are in cold regions. However, if your priority is noise reduction, then secondary glazing is a good resort. But keep in mind that different windows in your home may need different glazing options.

  • Choose the Perfect Window Style

There are different window styles such as casement, sliding, and double-hung. To choose the perfect style, always consider your home’s architectural style and the function of the window.

Thus, if you want your window to showcase your gorgeous outdoor view, a sliding window or bow or bay window will make a great choice. Likewise, if the window is intended to maximize ventilation, then awning windows or casement windows are a good option.

  • Choose the Right Frame Material

Your window frame material plays a huge role in your home’s aesthetics. Thus, you should choose your window frame material with care. Most window frames come in fibreglass, wood, composite, or aluminum. But the go-to option is vinyl.

Many Canadian prefer vinyl over other materials and the reason for this could be attributed to the numerous benefits of these windows. They combine durability with energy efficiency and are 100% recyclable. Likewise, they are excellent insulators and are impervious to insects, rot, and moisture.

  • Go with Energy Efficient Windows

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint as well as keep your energy bills low? Then replacing your old windows with Energy Star-rated ones is your go-to plan. These windows provide better insulation by helping you reduce your heat and cool unit consumption.

What’s more? They provide better energy efficiency by reducing heat loss during hot seasons.  These energy-efficient windows have layers that serve as your home’s sunscreen. They protect your house from harmful ultraviolet light rays, thereby reducing fading.

  • Deal with a Reliable Window Company

Choosing or installing new windows is certainly not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. To get the best quality product and satisfactory outcome, you need to hire reputable window installers. But when doing so, make sure your preferred company:

  • Follows CSA guidelines and your local building codes
  • Offers you Energy Star and NAFS-11 tested units
  • Offers decent warranty
  • Has experienced in-house installers
  • Has many positive reviews online and successful finished projects similar to yours


With the many available window choices, choosing the perfect windows for our homes can be quite difficult. But don’t worry, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Are you ready to replace your old windows? Or do you want to install new windows in your home? Following these tips for choosing new windows is a great place to begin.

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